Standard Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Eastgate Graphics to provide prepress graphic services – it is our pleasure to serve you. 

All orders are processed subject to the following terms and conditions.  The term “Purchaser” as used herein shall mean the organization purchasing services or products from Eastgate Graphics.  Each Purchaser must agree to these terms and conditions prior to placing their first order and annually thereafter.  Submission of any Purchase Order to Eastgate Graphics is subject to these terms and conditions.

Project Specification Intake
The Purchaser is responsible for providing detailed specifications for the proposed label and the physical package to be used.

Upon request, Eastgate Graphics will provide Purchaser with a written quotation for each project defining the work to be completed and the associated charges.  Additional requests and/or revisions beyond what is described in the quotation are subject to additional charges based on time and material required.

Purchase Order
Eastgate Graphics requires a written purchase order before commencing work on any prepress project.  Receipt of your purchase order serves as authorization to initiate work on an order.  Eastgate Graphics will provide Purchaser with a written Order Acknowledgement.

Artwork Proof Approval
Eastgate Graphics requires a signed approval of the artwork proof before providing the final deliverable.  This may be in the form of a scanned document that is returned to us by email.  Upon proof approval, Purchaser accepts full responsibility for its accuracy and completeness.  Eastgate Graphics will print and retain in its file a hard copy of each artwork proof and its approval.  Eastgate Graphics will also assure that the final deliverable will conform to the approved proof.

Copy and Content
The Purchaser is responsible for ensuring that all written content complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including but not limited to:
• Copyrights
• Trademarks and logos
• Ingredients
• Nutritional content
• Hazardous material warnings
• Product and manufacturer identification
• Point of origin

Regulatory Compliance
The Purchaser is responsible for ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards, including but not limited to:
• Product safety regulations
• Child warning labels
• Food safety regulations
• Health regulations
• Environmental regulations
• Governmental regulations covering materials or product content

Limitation of Liability
Purchaser is responsible for inspecting any product or service provided by Eastgate Graphics prior to its use.  For artwork created or modified by Eastgate, Purchaser must sign an artwork proof signifying their acceptance of the artwork.  For printing plates produced by Eastgate, Purchaser must inspect the plate prior to its use.  In the event of an error by Eastgate Graphics, our liability is limited to the amount we have billed for our products and services.  We cannot accept responsibility for any other costs, including but not limited to:
• The cost of containers
• The cost of products put into the containers
• Labor, manufacturing or shipping costs
• Costs to rework or sort filled product
• Costs of any product recall
• Lost sales or profits