Standard Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Eastgate Graphics to perform package decoration – it is our pleasure to serve you.

All orders are processed subject to the following terms and conditions. The term “Purchaser” as used herein shall mean the organization purchasing services or products from Eastgate Graphics. Each Purchaser must agree to these terms and conditions prior to placing their first order and annually thereafter. Submission of any Purchase Order to Eastgate Graphics is subject to these terms and conditions.

Package and Decoration Specifications
Purchaser is solely responsible for selecting a container that meets all of its requirements throughout the supply chain and into end use. The same is true for the selected shrink sleeve, pressure sensitive label, or ink system. Purchaser must validate that the decorated container is:
• Suitable for the intended product contents and filling process
• Suitable for the end use environment where the product is expected to be used – i.e. exposure to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, moisture, chemicals, etc.
Eastgate Graphics does not test any container, shrink sleeve, pressure sensitive label or ink system for conformance with Purchaser requirements.

Decorating Tolerances
Eastgate Graphics will consult with Purchaser regarding specifications for package decoration, including material selection, sizing, placement and feasibility of Purchaser’s proposed package decoration. If Purchaser provides Eastgate with suitable materials we will perform a trial run, for a fee, that Purchaser may use for additional testing and validation. Eastgate Graphics will perform all package decoration to generally accepted industry standards. If we are unable to achieve acceptable tolerances we will notify Purchaser. When appropriate or requested, Eastgate Graphics will provide Purchaser with a written schedule of specifications.

Eastgate Graphics will maintain records of containers, shrink sleeves, pressure sensitive labels and inks used in package decoration at a level of detail to enable traceability by manufacturer’s lot number when provided. Upon request we will provide Purchaser with a Certification of Compliance documenting the origins of the materials used when this information is made available to us, but it is the respective manufacturer’s responsibility to certify to the Purchaser conformance with product specifications, including suitability for use, raw material origins, use of recycled materials, etc.

Package Labeling
The Purchaser is responsible for ensuring the information printed on shrink sleeves, pressure sensitive labels or screen printing complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including but not limited to:
• Copyrights
• Trademarks and logos
• Ingredients
• Nutritional content

• Product and manufacturer identification
• Point of origin
Eastgate Graphics requires an approved artwork proof for each package decoration order. We will validate the shrink sleeves, pressure sensitive labels, or screen printing match the proof provided by Purchaser, but we will not validate the content of the proof.

Regulatory Compliance
The Purchaser is responsible for ensuring the package and decorating materials and methods chosen comply with all regulatory standards, including but not limited to:
• Product safety regulations
• Food safety regulations
• Health regulations
• Environmental regulations
• Governmental regulations covering materials or product content

Limitation of Liability
Purchaser is responsible for inspecting each container decorated by Eastgate Graphics prior to its use. In the event of an error by Eastgate Graphics, our liability is limited to the amount we have billed for our services, plus the actual cost of any packaging materials that were lost due to our error. We cannot accept responsibility for any other costs, including but not limited to:
• The cost of products put into the containers
• Labor, manufacturing or shipping costs
• Costs to rework or sort filled product
• Costs of any product recall
• Lost sales or profits

Hazard Insurance and Storage

Eastgate Graphics carries insurance to cover product owned by Purchaser while it is in our facility. Purchaser is responsible for arranging transportation and providing insurance to cover product during transportation to and from Eastgate. Purchaser must remove finished goods from Eastgate Graphics warehouse promptly upon being notified their order is ready to be shipped.